Wine Lover's Studio & Loft

Working with a tight budget, the conversion

of an obsolete and oversized 1-car garage into a backyard art studio and loft space required a complete overhaul to turn it into a comfortable, efficient and livable space.  A portion of the existing roof was removed to allow for the new loft.  A full size "wet room" bathroom along the north side is completely finished  with salvaged ceramic tiles.  In the back yard, new french doors open to a new covered outdoor room area.  Along the perimeter, wood and glass sliding doors surround the covered space allowing options on how open the space is to the exterior.


The general contractor, Hammer and Hand Construction, worked their craftsmanship like they always do.  With the client's love of wine and wine-making, the loft guardrail system was detailed and crafted perfectly with recycled wine barrel staves.  Hammer and Hand also constructed the custom open wood ladder which is the centerpiece of the open studio space

departure:  architecture interiors planning llc