Sustainability is a broad subject containing a numerous topics and objectives. There are certainly some "low hanging fruit" which can be certainly easy to achieve; other aspects of sustainability can be more challenging.  We do know however that we must re-think some of our current positions to ensure that our planet, our communities and our homes are safe.


​Departure is committed to bettering our environment and the places we create.  Budget, schedule and suitability are all considerations as well.  Our design process allows for responsible and thoughtful design solutions that take all of this into consideration. 


Some of the topics...........

  • Overall city planning to address efficient transportation and other infastructural systems.
  • Improved thermal performance of the exterior envelope.
  • Building orientation, amount of window area and placement.
  • Using proper building materials.
  • Protecting the environment.
  • Energy use.
  • Proper and adequate indoor air quality.
  • Use of natural light.
  • Designing with integrated teams and systems.
  • Re-use, recycle, recommissioning.
  • Thoughtful water conservation and usage.

Think global, act local.

Condensing tankless hot water heater.  A condensing system utilizes two heat exchangers.  The larger primarily exchanger is the main component used to heat your water up.  The smaller heat exchanger utilizes the otherwise waste heat within the exhaust to preheat the incoming water, further increasing efficiency. A condensing tankless is roughly between 95% and 98% efficient. 

Improved thermal exterior wall performance with exterior eps insulation to combat thermal bridging 

We simply need to be smart and conscientious about our built environment in the creation of wonderful architecture

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