Our experiences and philosophy has evolved and matured, getting richer with each design experience we encounter



Departure is a multi-disciplinary architectural firm experienced in residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects.  Our firm’s name represents a shift from conventional architectural firm models and philosophies, and what we have seen to be their limitations.  Formed in 2002 by Daniel Lajoie, the goal has always been, and remains, to create authentic, sustainable and energy-efficient architecture that responds directly to each unique design opportunity.  We also pride ourselves on bringing much rigor and fun to the process while getting great results.


With diverse experience in all project types and sizes, Departure brings a sophisticated level of expertise to many project types.  We have utilized our past experiences and the focus has shifted with our recent work.  We now mainly focus on residential projects that range from small and compact adu's (accessory dwelling unit or granny flats) to home renovations to new custom homes to multi-family or mixed-use residential projects. 


We have also found that today's structures have become more complicated and building science aspects have become more important than ever.  For older structures, we now have an understanding on what typically has worked well over time and what has not.   Partially because of this, we have found that an integrated design approach has become vital for successful outcomes, both design-wise and technical-wise.  One of the most important elements of concern over time has become indoor air quality issues.  Departure is uniquely qualified to address this and other important issues with an effective team approach and style through the entire process.


It's ultimately actually all about people though.  In this fast paced corporate world, we offer an open, warm and collaborative environment as we work through the design together.  Our results are measured by our client's satisfaction as well as and how our overall approach was fun, yet effective.


Our first site meeting is FREE!!

It's a great way for me to understand you and your project better and it's important for both of us that its also a good fit.  


Looking very much forward to meeting you and hope we can work together soon.


-- Daniel Lajoie

President - Daniel Lajoie

Vice President & Job Site Dog

                - Renz

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