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This home was created for the Street of Dreams.  Showcasing sustainability was one of the main drivers of this 2,400 SF home.


Modern Craftsman Residence

Located below Skyline Boulevard, the home is sited on a rolling pastoral lot, bordered by farms.  Through a recent marriage, the emphasis of this new home was to merge the two families into one where the new home became the physical place for this result.


The home is organized around a courtyard, which provides a cozy exterior area adjacent to the interior public spaces.  Maximizing views toward the nearby foothills further organized the plan.


The project’s sustainable features focus on salvaged materials including recycled gym floors, salvaged fir trim throughout, tile at the backsplashes, kitchen island countertop, and light fixtures.  Additional sustainable design features include low-flow plumbing fixtures throughout, and super-insulated walls with sprayed-in soy-based insulation.  The home was also wired for a future solar hot water system, and preconfigured for solar photovoltaic roof panels., basically.

departure:  architecture interiors planning llc