How do we get from A to Z?  What does it look like?

Design Process (continued)




Construction Documentation Phase

-  Create Construction Documentation Drawing Package designed to allow building permitting submittal, have final design decisions so that final costing can be obtained as well documentation sufficient for constructability purposes.

-  Close coordination between all disciplines is required in this phase (Structural Engineer, General Contractor, Mechanical Contractor, Plumbing Contractor, Electrical Contractor, Low Voltage Contractor, furniture layout and materials vendors).
-  Finalize and specify all finish materials and patterns, fixtures and appliances.


Building Permit Phase

-  Prepare and assemble the Construction Documents and forms for permit submittal.
-  Track the jurisdiction’s progress as it moves through this phase and address any/all items that they may additionally require during their review.
-  Obtain necessary permit approval (typically the General Contractor pays for the actual permit fees).


Construction Administration Phase

-  To ensure that the actual construction and the design intent is being properly implemented, the Architect will periodically visit the site to review overall progress.
-  Attend Team site meetings to review progress, schedule, and to address any issues that may arise.
-  Review all shop drawings, materials, colors, and patterns for conformance and final approval before installation.

-  Review the General Contractor’s Monthly Pay Requests for our Client and make recommendations to our Client regarding the accuracy of the pay request.

-  Celebrate at completion!!

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