Corbett, OR. Residence

Located high atop the Columbia River Gorge area near Corbett, OR., the renovations to this existing home had to resolve several needs.  It was determined early in the design process that an addition was needed along the entire south side of the main floor. Approximately half of the interior floor areas needed to be reconfigured.  The overall scope of the work allowed for a new overall "look" that allowed a consistency throughout.  An updated version of the "Cascadian" style became the design direction for the project.  All of the exterior siding needed to be removed, reconditioned and reinstalled on a new rain screen system.   A  new layer of exterior rigid insulation was also added to address thermal bridging issues.  The existing deck and new stair access were redesigned to reflect the new look giving the exterior a more substantial appearance. The renovations were made so that the entire home became much more energy efficient along with a strategy that was developed for future upgrades.






Under construction

"We had a HUGE job -- new construction and 3/4 of the house taken down to studs. We are out at the beginning of the Gorge and traveling here was not a big deal for him. Our project took a long time, but Dan was never-wavering and consistent in his constant shepherding.  Above and beyond only begins to describe Dan.  Dan takes the time to get to know you, how you live and what your space could look like for you.  He is daring, but structurally diligent and sound.  He is cutting edge on sustainability and eco-efficient houses. His designs have grace, beauty, simplicity, and strength.  See his website, but trust me:  Dan is the best advocate and dreammaker you could hope for if you are going to remodel.  One of (the many) things I love about Dan is how he loves projects big and small.  It is the people he bases his choices on.  If he likes you and what you are all about, he will take you on.  (Renz, the Jack Terrior, will probably have to like you too.  He goes everywhere with Dan.) And if you can let go and let Dan, he will exceed all the smart ideas you thought you had for your space. One more thing:  listen when he tells you who the good construction companies are in Portland."


Lee W. (Home Owner)


departure:  architecture interiors planning llc